Recipient of Thomas Baker Travelling Scholarship

I’m pleased to announce that I am the recipient of a scholarship by the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists!

The scholarship is intended to support consultant radiologists to undergo further overseas training beyond fellowship level. I have been planning a sabbatical period overseas regardless, to coincide with my wife’s fellowship. The idea is that after working as a specialist for a few years, one is already proficient at procedures and clinical medicine and has been “in the trenches” for long enough to know which questions to ask when visiting the world experts in a given procedure, so as to not waste anyone’s time with the basics.

The sabbatical period has allowed me to line up a series of short placements and conferences, each targeting either a centre of excellence or a specific practitioner who is regarded as a world expert in their field or in a specific procedure. As a travelling fellow, I hope to gain targeted insights from experts to hone my clinical practice. I’m based in London so most of the time will be spent in the UK but I’m also planning to spend a few weeks in the USA.

As a result my clinical practice is on hold until July 2017, during which time my colleagues at SAN and RPA hospitals are available for any inquiries etc.

So far I’ve organised to visit/attend:

  • Southampton General Hospital
    • David Breen – tumour ablation
      • microwave ablation of liver tumours
      • cryoablation of renal tumours
      • microwave ablation of lung tumours
    • Nigel Hacking
      • Prostatic embolisation for prostatic hyperplasia
      • uterine fibroid embolisation
  • Hammersmith Hospital
    • A visit back with James Jackson to discuss AVMs especially pulmonary AVMs
  • Royal Free Hospital
    • Dominic Yu – SIRT, TIPSS and other liver directed therapies
  • ESIR Paris – Prostate embolisation workshop
    • Saporvale and Hacking
  • St Georges Hospital
    • Discussing venous malformations and general IR
  • CCR – clinical cosmetic reconstructive expo – aesthetic procedures workshops
  • Professor Eddy Leen – work leader in Nanoknife irreversible electroporation
  • Moscow – ICCA Stroke workshop – acute stroke interventions and carotid stenting







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