RPA 6th Annual Pancreatico-biliary Meeting

The 6th Annual Cook Medical RPA Pancreatic-Biliary meeting was held on the 15th and 16th of November at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital.

This annual meeting attracts gastroenterologists, upper GI surgeons, interventional radiologist, nurses and technicians from all over Australia. I have been involved helping to organise the meeting from an interventional radiology point of view for the last three years as well as performing the interventional operations which are streamed through into the lecture theatre from the radiology and endoscopy suites and operating theatres. We have international guests speakers attend, and this year Dr Kam Mangat was the invited interventional radiologist, attending from the UK via Singapore.

There were over 150 registrants this year covering a broad range of topics. From my point of view there were interesting discussion on the interventional management of biliary strictures and cholangiocarcinoma, among other topics. I performed three live procedures and presented some complex scenarios for discussion at the lecture series.

The conference has been increasingly popular and planning for Nov 2016 is about to begin.


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