Genicular Artery Embolisation – for knee arthritis – Moderator for Asia-Pacific webinar

Late posting this but recently we ran a webinar on embolotherapy for the treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee which I think is a very exciting area indeed in terms of the early trial data showing promising results and a large patient population who may benefit.

We were honoured to hear from two leaders in the field, Prof Mark Little from the UK and Prof Jin Woo Choi from Korea, both of whom have published in the area and are leading experts.

Prof Choi covered the underlying science and technique and Prof Little discussed the clinical evidence to date. As this treatment becomes available in Australia (we have been performing a similar though modified procedure for bleeding into the knee for many years) I think it’s imperative to have a thorough knowledge of the selection criteria, specific technical approaches and stay informed by leaders in the field overseas.

I do agree with the title of the meeting – GAE may represent a paradigm shift in the management of knee OA for the large patient cohort who are weary of constant anti-inflammatory use but are nowhere near severe enough to warrant a knee replacement.