Awarded European Board of Interventional Radiology Certification!

I’m happy (and slightly relieved) to announce that I successfully passed the European Board examinations for Interventional Radiologists.

The exam is designed to assess practicing interventional radiology specialists who are a few years post fellowship, as a tool to certify their expertise and experience. I felt that it was a step forward to introduce further certification tools, as a way for employers and patients to be reassured of the highest level of relevant knowledge and training. I sat the exam in August prior to the Annual Scientific meeting.

This exam was born out of the Cardiovascular and Interventional Society of Europe (CIRSE) and has recently been adopted by the Australian equivalent body, Interventional Radiology Society of Australasia (IRSA) as a major tool towards increased quality assurance for minimally invasive therapies. Unfortunately, due to the pioneering nature of our speciality, minimally invasive procedures are sometimes offered by a variety of specialists, some of whom have little relevant experience or credentialing. The EBIR is a great tool to prevent this and I’m pleased to know that I made the grade. The examination was comprehensive and professionally administered, with international oversight from Austria. It was also fantastic to be assessed by many of the greats of Australian interventional radiology!



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